We believe that through the way we act, Luceco has a significant opportunity to create a lasting positive impact on the world around us. We aim to do this through addressing three key areas of focus: creating a sustainable future, empowering people and working with integrity and transparency.

ESG – emissions

Carbon Neutral
operations in 2023

ESG – low carbon sales

revenue from low-carbon
products in 2023

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Creating a sustainable future

Creating a sustainable future

Operating sustainably is a key part of the Group’s culture and is reflected within our Purpose, Mission and Strategy, where we have made sustainability a central pillar of the Group’s success. Our product portfolio, combined with our business model and experience, puts us in a strong position to help create a sustainable future for all. Our immediate targets have focused on realigning our product portfolio to concentrate on the sale of low carbon products, ensuring the plastic we use is recycled and further that the packaging of the products we sell is recyclable.

Whilst we recognise there is more to do, our operations continue to offer one of the lowest operational carbon footprints in our industry and we are continuing to progress our sustainability agenda moving forwards.

Empowering people


The key to our business model operating effectively is the “can-do” culture created by our fantastic teams. In order for this culture to continue to flourish, we need our people to feel empowered to excel in their work at Luceco. We endeavour to recruit people from a range of backgrounds who are passionate about innovation and customer service. We invest in the training and development of new and existing employees and we make sure we engage with our teams to improve their experience and help them feel part of the business.

Beyond our own teams we also look to empower those who use our products. We provide professionals with access to free training resources and are supporting the development of the next generation of electrical contractors.

Working with integrity and transparency

Working with integrity and transparency

We are committed to acting with integrity and transparency at all times, not just because it builds trust with those we work with, but because it is the right thing to do. As a global business, operating in markets and countries with different cultures and practices, we maintain consistently high ethical standards by following our global Code of Conduct.

We follow health and safety best practices and all local regulations, always striving to promote the health of our people and to minimise risks in the workplace. Our approach is supported by strong corporate governance and zero-tolerance policies in relation to behaviour which does not align to our values, and we endeavour to ensure our suppliers share those same values. Finally, we are keen to contribute to the communities we operate in and encourage our people to propose ways we can help.