Our culture

Our business model is underpinned by the “can-do” culture of our teams. Our people are customer-driven, designing products which we know our customers will love and that will improve the customer experience. We are team-focused, working together to achieve our objectives. We ensure that we reward achievement with opportunity. We aim to be bold and innovative, thinking differently and trusting each other to create great products for our customers. Finally, alongside all these qualities, we are principled in the way we act with our customers and suppliers. We do what we say and do what is right.

We recognise that in order for this “can-do” culture to continue to thrive, we need to invest in our people. We focus on the training and development of our teams, so they have the skills to innovate and confidence to move quickly. We carefully recruit from all backgrounds to ensure our teams work well together. We engage with our employees and act on their feedback, to ensure our teams feel part of our business and go the extra mile for our customers. Above all else, we treat our teams with the respect and recognition that their hard work deserves and apply the same principled mindset to them as they do to our customers.

Equality and diversity

We understand the importance and benefits of greater diversity, including social and professional background, cognitive and personal strengths, sexual orientation, disability status, gender and ethnicity throughout the organisation. We are committed to ensuring that recruitment and promotion of individuals at all levels of the business is based on merit and objective criteria and that, within this context, each candidate is judged on their unique combination of skills, knowledge and experience, cognitive and personal strengths, and there is no relevance to their social and professional background, sexual orientation, disability status, gender and ethnicity.

Gender diversity

We have taken a number of steps in recent years to promote the retention of female talent, including improving maternity benefits and improving flexible working. The table below shows the gender diversity of our workforce at the year end, with there being a 24% increase in females holding Board, senior management or direct report positions in 2023.






            1. Individuals reporting directly to the CEO or CFO.
            2. Individuals reporting directly to senior management.

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            Employee engagement

            An employee engagement survey was undertaken in 2023. Employee satisfaction increased in 2023 compared with 2022, with 88.7% of UK employees in 2023 reporting they were either “fairly satisfied” or “very satisfied” with Luceco as an employer, up from 78.7% in 2022. The survey indicated that employees welcomed continued efforts to invest more in training and development and hoped that further progress could be made in this area. Employees also welcomed our flexible working policy introduced during the pandemic.

            Learning and development

            We know that high quality and sustained learning and development (“L&D”) is crucial to the ongoing success of the business. We are also aware that with an increase in flexible working, it is all the more important that we maintain consistency in our training procedures, and this starts on day one of an individual’s employment at Luceco. Within their first week of employment all staff receive a Company induction from their Human Resources Manager, Payroll Manager and a Health, Safety and Facilities Coordinator. This ensures the new team member feels comfortable in their environment and that they know we are available to help should they need assistance.

            We also recognise how important the line manager’s role is in the induction process and we ensure that all line managers are trained in how to work with new starters, how to identify their initial needs and how to set clear goals and objectives.

            Following induction, we continue to develop employees for the long term. Through our Annual Performance Review process, we do not just look to appraise performance in the year, we identify individual training needs and ensure specific personal development plans are in place to tailor to that team member’s requirements.

            Luceco has invested heavily in our L&D tools in recent years, partnering with Hays Thrive/Go 1 to introduce our first L&D platform, which is available to all employees. This platform covers compulsory training, such as “Anti-money Laundering” to ensure our teams have the knowledge they need to comply with all relevant laws and regulations, but also includes modules related to more personal development and growth. We are pleased with the continued success of this project in 2023, with 3,071 training modules completed by our employees during the year.

            Importantly, the L&D platform covers learning regarding mental health and general wellbeing, which is something that we have signposted to our employees, especially in light of the pandemic. Our employees’ health, happiness and wellbeing is paramount to us and we are pleased that this platform is providing further support.