Across the Group we are focused on providing innovative, energy-efficient electrical and lighting solutions. Committed to sustainability and customer satisfaction, the Company aims to enhance lives by delivering high-quality products that contribute to a brighter, more efficient and environmentally conscious future.


We use market-leading innovation to seize our growth opportunities. Our Innovate strategy covers both the products that we design and the services that accompany them.

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Luceco has a proven track record of growth. We have complemented the Group’s long history of organic growth with acquisitions funded by our consistently strong cash flow.

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Our Sustain strategy ensures we maintain our competitive advantage. We are investing in our people and our industry as well as contributing increasingly to society’s sustainability goals.

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We constantly innovate to meet customer needs. We design high functioning, higher margin devices in both existing as well as new product categories – such as EV chargers. Our customer‑ driven, bold and innovative culture is embodied within the products we develop.


We continually innovate the services that accompany our products to improve the customer experience and sell our products as part of a solution. We have well‑developed lighting installation design teams to help specifiers turn their concepts into reality.

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We are focused on utilising our well-developed infrastructure, innovative product portfolio and strong customer relationships to grow organically.


We have the right foundation for a successful “buy and build” M&A strategy, carefully selecting opportunities that enable the creation of synergies while aiding our expansion into new markets and sectors.

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Our products are designed, made, distributed and installed by people. We invest in both our people and our industry to ensure they all have the skills they need to help our products shine.


We aim to lead our industry by lowering our environmental footprint, and in doing so help our customers to achieve their own sustainability targets.

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Strategy in action


We have a strong track record of innovating to grow our business. We bring our innovations to market quickly and are often the architects of change in our industry.

This ongoing design philosophy is particularly evident through the further strides we have made in development of our EV charger range.

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2023 R&D

2023 revenue
from new products

We have a long history of leading change within our industry, consistently producing products with enhanced functionality and cutting-edge designs.

Our innovative culture spans our entire product range. Within Wiring Accessories, we were the first in the UK market to add USB functionality to mains sockets, whilst our LED Lighting products provide the consumer with both energy savings and superior lighting levels. Our drive for innovation remains a key part of our strategy as it not only differentiates our products from the competition, but it also enables us to up-sell what we manufacture to maintain consistently high margins. Through focus groups, social media interactions and feedback gathered via our sales teams, we are launching new products that meet the contractor’s desire for quality, value and ease of installation.

Our design philosophy is evident through the launch of our second series of EV chargers sold under the BG Sync EV brand. The latest range builds on the platform created from our first series of chargers whilst also providing new functionality, based on valuable customer and installer feedback.

The range is available in both 7.4kW, for home use, and 22kW for commercial spaces such as workplaces, shopping centres and public charging stations. The design of this 22kW charger is a key strategic development, enabling vehicles to charge three times faster and enabling us to bring our products to commercial settings with a high throughput of vehicles.

Furthermore, both products are produced using the same core components and designs, allowing them to be manufactured at scale, using the same tooling and processes, by our team in China.

Designed with safety and ease of installation in mind, the range is amongst the safest on the market, with built-in power and grid fault protections. Furthermore, our chargers offer full smart functionality, allowing our customers to optimise their
EV charging for the cheapest, greenest energy possible.

We have further enhanced the aesthetic of the latest range, continuing to use the same high-quality materials, but introducing a new, sleek design which has resonated with our customers. The newest design is also offered in a range of colours to enable the chargers to be installed sympathetically to the architecture of the surrounding area or individual consumer preferences.

The future looks set to offer further opportunities, with our design pipeline having four new EV charger products scheduled for release in 2024. This continual drive for innovation allows us to consistently differentiate ourselves within our markets and underpins our future growth plans.


We are focused on growing within our chosen markets by leveraging our successful business model, both in the UK and overseas.

Following its launch in 2022, the BG Evolve range is a great example of how we manage our product ranges to extend our market reach and drive growth.

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Adjusted Earnings Per Share
growth since 2019

Group M&A investment
since 2019

Through years of experience, our excellent sales teams have become adept at using the innovative products we create to extend our market reach and drive growth.

An excellent example of how we outperform our markets through organic growth is the success we have had in 2023 through our BG Evolve decorative Wiring Accessories range. Launched in 2022, the modern and stylish switches and sockets of the Evolve range provide consumers with a new, premium solution for high-end builds and retrofits.

The launch of this new range has enabled our sales teams to further extend our product portfolios with our customers by entering the adjacent premium Wiring Accessories market. We are delighted that in 2023 we have sold over 500,000 Wiring Accessories products from the Evolve portfolio, generating £2.6m of revenue at a strong gross margin.

A key driver behind why the range has been so successful is our enviable market positions across multiple sales channels and our excellent relationships with customers operating within these markets. Within 18 months of the product launch, we are selling to over 250 customers, with our reach extending from the smallest independent retailers to our largest Hybrid customers.

Not only do our customers appreciate our products because of their popularity with the end consumer, they also know that we can be relied upon to provide excellent product availability, a crucial factor when choosing a decorative product such as Evolve. Our vertically integrated operating model allows us to respond with agility to changes in demand and provide strong availability from the start of a product launch.

Furthermore, because we manufacture these products ourselves, we are able to utilise our existing tooling and infrastructure with minimal additional investment. In all, development of the Evolve range cost in the region of £0.1m capitalised expenditure. At maturation we are confident the range will generate £3m of annualised sales.

Our ability to grow organically is not just limited to new product launches. The excellent relationships we have with our customers means we can work together to ensure the right products are being made available to the end consumer. As we have moved through 2023, our sales teams have successfully extended existing product ranges to generate £4m of new business wins.

As we celebrate the achievements of 2023, we look forward to sustaining this momentum knowing that our vertically integrated model, agile response to market dynamics, enviable positions within our chosen markets and exciting product pipeline leave us well positioned for continued growth in the years ahead.


We invest in both our business and our industry to sustain our competitive advantage and to contribute to society’s sustainability goals.

DW Windsor’s work with the City of London is a fantastic example of our Sustain strategy in action, where we have contributed to a 57% reduction in energy use from switching to LEDs and smart controls.

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training events

Carbon neutral
2023 operations

Our investment in DW Windsor illustrates how we look to the future to ensure we sustain our competitive advantage and contribute to society’s sustainability goals.

DW Windsor’s alignment with our own strategic priorities aided our acquisition of the business and we are pleased with the progress they have made since joining the Group. The work they have done with the City of London is a fantastic example of how our sustainability strategy both maintains our competitive advantage as well as contributing to society’s sustainability goals.

Previously, the City of London’s lighting network was restrictive and used set lighting schedules that covered all its ageing luminaires. As a result, the City’s lighting suffered from high energy consumption, inefficient lighting distribution, high maintenance costs, limited adaptability and increasing environmental impact.

The City of London took the major decision to develop a new lighting strategy aiming to fully replace and upgrade all existing street and amenity lighting to LED luminaires with partner DW Windsor.

Our central management system, UrbanMaster, offered the City of London a cutting-edge street lighting control system that has revolutionised the way it manages lighting assets and infrastructure, offering unprecedented flexibility and control, and empowering the creation of a safer and more efficient urban environment.

UrbanMaster has allowed the City of London to gain full control over its street lighting network through a cloud-based platform, which can be used across a variety of devices and locations. This allows for real-time monitoring and management of individual lights, using granular data to provide accurate information on lighting assets’ status, performance and energy consumption.

The project has delivered street lighting infrastructure that can be better controlled, amended and managed, with proactive fault finding and energy reading now and for the future. The project has also provided a significant reduction in energy and carbon usage, with a 57% saving in energy usage and a 78% reduction in CO₂ emissions.

Optimisation continues today, with light levels being dynamically set and adjusted where necessary by stakeholders – with council workers able to walk the City and use the UrbanMaster app to fine-trim brightness levels as and when they see fit. This level of dynamic, granular control has a host of potential applications for other City of London stakeholders to leverage the lighting network to their benefit, including emergency services, events and infrastructure engineering projects – which can be better lit during night-time operations.

The experience of the City of London highlights the transformative potential of LED luminaires and lighting controls in enhancing the energy efficiency, sustainability, adaptability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of new urban lighting infrastructure. It serves as a valuable resource for city planners, policymakers and stakeholders interested in driving similar initiatives within their own urban landscapes.

We are delighted by the progress we have made in the last decade in developing our low carbon product portfolio, which leaves us well placed to further contribute to society’s sustainability goals in addition to maintaining our competitive advantage.