Being a responsible business contributes to our ability to create value for shareholders and our other stakeholders. We look to behave safely and ethically in our relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers, to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and to contribute to our local communities.


We contribute significantly to carbon reduction through the sale of ‘green’ products.

LED Lighting, representing 28% of Group revenue, is an average 70% more energy efficient than lighting technology it replaces.

Greenhouse gas emissions (‘GHG’) thereby avoided by each year of LED product sales we make are approximately ten times greater than the emissions we product from our operations.

We sell EV chargers to retail customers and are currently expanding our range to include professionally installed products with more energy-swing features.

We are keen to build upon our climate credentials and have set challenging climate-related goals for 2021:

  1. Eliminate or offset GHG emissions from our operations (Scope 1 and 2)
  2. Quantify GHG emissions within our supply chain (Scope 3)
  3. Commence participation in the Carbon Disclosure Project (‘CDP’)
  4. Launch a comprehensive ESG
  5. Commit to science-based targets (‘SBTi’)


We seek to enhance our environmental impact by:

  • Holding our suppliers to an audited, Code of Conduct with strict environmental obligations
  • Making use of recycled materials in our products wherever possible
  • Complying with all local environmental regulations


Our Equality and Diversity policy reflects our commitment to:

  • Developing an ethos which respects and values all individuals equally
  • Eliminating all forms of discrimination
  • Ensuring there are no barriers which limit or discourage access to promotion, recruitment or training
  • Ensuring that all aspects of employment avoid stereotyping based upon colour, culture, ethnicity, race, religion, disability, gender, sexuality or age

We survey our employees regularly to ensure their needs are being met and to gather their valuable feedback.

We require our people to act fairly in their dealings with fellow employees, customers, suppliers and business partners.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct requires our supply chain partners to maintain the same high ethical standards.