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The global LED lighting market is undergoing a period of rapid expansion and is forecast to grow at a CAGR of approximately 16.8 per cent between 2014 – 2019, to a total size of approximately US$70 billion in 20191. The UK LED market is forecast to [match] this growth, achieving 15.4 per cent CAGR between 2015 and 2020 to a total size of approximately £1.3 billion from £651 million in 20152.

The key features of LED lighting which are driving this growth centre on the following;

  • Improved efficiencies – LED lighting products can have efficiencies up to 150 lumens per watt, compared to 10 lumens per watt for traditional (incandescent) light sources.
  • Greater product lifetimes – LED lighting products can have a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours compared to 3,000 for traditional (incandescent) light sources, significantly reducing the replacement frequency and associated maintenance costs.
  • Cost savings – the cost to manufacture LED products is falling as components become cheaper. These cost savings are being passed onto consumers and the cost of LED lighting is increasingly comparable with other lighting technologies.

Global LED lighting market and size

Rapidly Growing LED market: office and industrial applications will grow fastest including retrofit LED Lighting
Source: Frost & Sullivan; World LED Lighting Market (2015 Update)

Efficacy by lighting technology, lumens/watt

Source: Goldman Sachs; LED lighting report

UK lighting market – LED taking market share

LED is taking market share from other lighting sources

Source: AMA LED Lighting report (2014)

Lifetime by lighting technology

Source: US Department of Energy SSL forecasts


The UK Wiring Accessories market grew by 1.4 per cent CAGR between 2011 and 2016, from £636m to £682m3.
The market has been supported by product innovation, favourable growth in construction and housing markets and changes to public policy in the UK.
Product innovation within the UK Electrical Accessories market has included the introduction of USB charging sockets and extension leads and the ongoing developments in the consumer electronic market.
The commercial construction sector in the UK has grown 3.7 per cent CAGR between 2013 and 20154 and has driven end user demand in the UK Electrical Accessories market in new builds and refurbishments. Over the same period, the number of housing transactions in the UK has increased 15.1 per cent CAGR5, helping to support the end user demand for Electrical Accessories for post-property acquisition refurbishments.
1 Source: Frost & Sullivan; World LED Lighting Market (2015 Update)
2 Source: AMA Research; LED Lighting Market Report – UK 2016-2020 Analysis (May 2016)
3 AMA Research; Electrical Products Market Data (August) 2016.
4 Source: Office of National Statistics and CPA data. Represents growth in private commercial work (excluding infrastructure) for the UK)
5 Source: Office of National Statistics and CPA data. Represents growth in total UK new build volumes.

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